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:: Fokker-100 Highlights
Fokker BV began the studies for a Fokker-28 replacement with the 110/130 seat 'Super Fokker-28', for service entry in 1984. This later became the ‘Fokker-29’ project.
Fokker returned back to the Fokker-28 blue-prints and stretching the original aircraft, and adding Rolls Royce Tay engines, the Fokker-100 was born. The aircraft project was given the name of “Fokker-28/100”. Fokker started development of the Fokker-100 aircraft in 1983 and was first flown in November 1986.
After a slow start the Fokker 100 experienced tremendous success with 290 aircraft ordered from 18 countries by December 1995. Of course with the demise of Fokker Aircraft B.V. in 1997, production has stopped.
Courtesy of Ton van de Laar from “Project F100/70 Manual» - Dec. 2002 -

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